When do we storm the gates?

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I like the three fingers

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Works for me too.

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Ever wonder why they don’t call the letter “W” double V? But they call is a double “U” instead.

I personally don’t like the logo, as 2 “v’s” = 55 which happens to be the number of times the name “satan” is found in the Bible.

Or it could be inspired by numerology...the occult used to hide things in plain sight.

In Chaldean numerology the letter v represents a 6 so it could be double 33.

Plus the circle is used in witchcraft.

Could it be a coincidence?

Spirits work THROUGH people.

That’s where we get the word inSPIRation.

A spirit (a thought) comes to you.

Now each person has the choice to reject that thought or accept it. Do we know if the person that created the logo for this inspiration from God or a god?

Is it possible the logo appears to represent good but is actually bad?

What if World Freedom meant pedophiles have the freedom to do whatever they want?

Is that good or bad? Obviously it’s bad.

It’s evil.

And it’s against Christ the Word of God so it is Anti-Christ.

We must be VERY careful about what we THINK the signs and symbols mean to us. Because to the person that created it, it might mean something totally different. What if it meant Freedom from Gods laws?

As an example what does the 322 skull and bones logo mean? Yale University.

If you have ever heard of the rituals they do in the tomb you would know it is not good.

I’m not saying this was the intention of the person that created it. That person probably has no clue what the symbol could mean to other people and use it in a bad sense. But do we know what the actual intentions of the symbol are from the person that created it? Do they explain what it means to them?

Got to be very careful about signs and symbols......

The Devil is VERY tricky!!!! And he is a spirit.

Why do you think there is so much evil in this world? It’s not God creating this chaos and confusion.

Men thinking they are women?

Men thinking they can get pregnant?

Women thinking they are men?

People thinking they are animals?

Is there right from wrong anymore?

Morals? Yes and it’s all written as instructions for the world!!! Jesus Christ paid the price for ALL of the world!!! That’s where TRUE freedom comes from!!!

It’s ALL in the Word of God folks!!

I hope you investigate it!!!

God Bless!!!!

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First, the protocol required delay of treatment until respiratory symptoms were apparent (by then it was too late already) then the NIH and Fauci told hospitals and doctors not to use ivermectin or hydrochoroquine (that were inexpensive and had decades-long histories of safe usage) but could only be reimbursed thousands $ for Remdesivir (from which the pharm cult profited) that had been declared toxic and untested by WHO). When big pharm and Fauci profited from Remdesivir and patients died they blamed COVID. If the truth ever comes out - Remdesivir and delayed treatment killed more people than COVID.

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I think the circle & "W" is two V's because the statement on the gateway is on sudden death from the double VAX.

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WF the

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Good one, lol!


We´re gonna beat them no matter what, in Jesus´ name. The Pentagram no more!

You´re gonna love my peace!

Masks off, kittens, time to face big cats, for real!

I´m still standing, fighting their war bullshit, fiercely, like a buccaneer, tooth and nail!

Let´s go on a safari! No, not on a brutal, totally legit manhunt like in Bucha, a controversial war crime massacre I also touch on in my piece, in that democratic Nutzie U What! Come on, folks, keep us company, only 30 bucks!


Get the South Africa Safari Maximum Experience DELUXE


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